Friday, November 23, 2007

How Can I Fix My Bad Credit

We all get reminders in the mail by the way of a bill to make our monthly payments. The monthly credit card statement will show our purchases over the last month. Make sure you review it to make sure there are no errors or information that is incorrect. If you are interested in obtaining more credit and apply for a higher limit and are denied, you may want to look at your credit score.

If you have no idea what your credit is, request a copy of your credit report and review it. Make sure all the information is correct. If there are errors you will want to contact the agency and let them know. They will then ask you to submit a letter asking for the information to be corrected and why.

Then check back in 30 days, to make sure the information has been corrected. If not, you will need to write them another letter. This may end up being an involved process because you usually have to write to them several times, before the information is corrected.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

How Do I Repair My Credit Score

Even with the apparent abundance that we enjoy in the United States, many people find themselves with financial problems beyond what they ever imagined they would have. Credit is wrecked, houses are lost, families are destroyed... all in a country that brands itself as the world's prosperity hub. Phrases like “the land of opportunity” and “the American dream” are common here. The truth is, things like bankruptcy, poverty, excessive debt, and “barely making it” while living paycheck to paycheck are becoming far more common in this land of prosperity. What are we missing?

The problem, as it turns out, usually isn't that we have a lack of anything material. We are rich with “buying power” but poor in the knowledge and financial intelligence that tell us how to use it. This might be why over half a million people (597,965) filed for Bankruptcy in 2006 (source: .

The issues are compounded by the fact that most people don't realize that they are “knowledge-poor” in the area of finances and credit until it's too late. By the time most of us are aware that we lack financial intelligence, the damage has already been done. This is why understanding credit and credit repair is so important. For many people, credit repair should be the first step that they take towards a better financial future. “Credit repair” is simply the name given to the process of improving your credit score, and removing incorrect items from your credit report.

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